one-day adventure

This Bintan Island trip was awesome kahit bitin.  I needed this trip and since Tatay was here, we went.

First we took a ferry from Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal.  It was a very peaceful one-hr trip.  The ferry was good, clean and cool.

We arrived there at around 12 noon.  We hired an Innova to tour as around.  

First stop was at the seafood restaurant.  The food was very good since I so love spicy food.  Everything was tasty and spicy.  I never got the chance to enjoy the seafood as I only ordered their veggie specials.  But Tatay, Amir and the rest of the guys seemed to really enjoy the prawns, fish, etc.  Our bill was 406,000 rupiah :)

Next stop, the mini zoo at the Nirwana gardens.

Third stop, the Elephant Park. 

Before going back to the Terminal, we went to Pasar Oleh oleh,  the souvenir market.  Nothing much can be bought there.  We just window shopped.

Then on our way back to the terminal, the driver purposedly slowed down the car and showed us the monkeys playing at the side of the road.  We took pictures and they wholeheartedly posed for us :)

We went home tired but feeling quite relaxed as we once again had an encounter with nature.  Kahit bitin ang oras.

Next time I'd go there again and hopefully could stay there for 2 days or more.


choose philippines!

Dear Mother Philippines,

I just wanted to let you know that I never turned my back on you.  I never abandoned you.  I may have left, but I promise I will always be your daughter and I will come back in God's own time.  You will forever be in my heart.  

Retain your beauty as you've always been doing.

Growing up in your loving arms was an honor as you are the chosen land, in tagalog "ang lupang hinirang".  You will forever be the one and I'll forever be a proud daughter.



nice pics

about loving the animals

all animals have the same parts.
imagine how she was tortured before this.
so is your meat.

about loving the environment
 just because you can't see it doesn't mean it's not there.
hard to breathe?
stop hiding the problem

 about loving yourself
don't ever feel bad about yourself.

you are beautiful in your own way.

what matters is how you see yourself.

feel great even if others think that you are not.

it's the only way to be.


hakuna matata

This picture made my day!  I always fancy the Timon and Pumbaa tandem.  I even watched the Lion King 1.5 which showcased the friendship of these two different creatures (meerkat & warthog).

I imagine them singing Hakuna Matata in this photo.  Pretty amazing, eh!

Hakuna Matata! What a wonderful phrase

Hakuna Matata! Ain't no passing

It means no worries for the rest of your days

It's our
problem-free philosophy

Hakuna Matata!


meet your meat

Just recently I've decided to become a vegetarian.  Just my choice.  I saw this video from PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) website and learned that we often take some things for granted.  We grew up in a culture where having meat of an animal on your plate is normal.  But we failed to realize how these animals were treated before they came to the market.  Paul Mccartney narrated this video and said "If slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be vegetarian."

Animals Are Not Ours to Eat

*reposted from PETA website.

Four Good Reasons Why You Should Go Vegetarian

1. Because eating meat is murder.

We know that hamburgers and chicken wings don't grow on trees. They come from animals we've sentenced to death long before they're even born.
Everyone who eats animal products is responsible for the abuse and deaths of beings with lives and personalities of their own—beings who did not choose to be carved up and put on the dinner table.
Read more about these amazing animals.


2. Because eating meat is torture.

Forget about green pastures, fresh air, and sunshine. Animals raised for food are separated from their mothers shortly after birth and spend their brief, miserable lives crammed together by the thousands in factory farms, sometimes unable to move or to take a single step in any direction.
Chickens raised for their flesh are bred to grow so big so fast that their legs collapse beneath them. (How big and how fast, you ask? Well, if human babies were forced to grow at the same rate, they would go from 7 pounds to 1,500 pounds within 11 weeks.) As a result, chickens suffer painful joint and bone conditions and heart attacks. Unable to move, some die of thirst just steps away from their drinking water.
Chickens raised for their eggs are kept in stacked cages, where feces from the top rows fall onto the birds below. Male chicks are worthless to the egg industry, so they're tossed in the trash or thrown into a meat grinder—while they are still alive—to be grounded up and fed back to other farmed animals, even other chickens.
Because animals raised for food are so stressed and fearful, factory farmers think that the only way to prevent them from fighting is through systematic mutilation. Chickens' sensitive beaks are cut off with a hot blade, and pigs' teeth and tails are cut off—all without the use of painkillers. On the killing floor, many animals are still conscious when they are skinned and cut into pieces.
And let's not forget about fish. Whether they're hooked through the mouth, dragged out of the ocean in nets, or "harvested" from fish farms, fish and other marine animals feel pain and don't deserve to die.
Read more about cruelty to animals.


3. Because eating meat is suicide.

It's not just the saturated fat and cholesterol. For one thing, humans simply were not designed to eat animal products even in their most natural, unprocessed form. And because of modern farming methods, each mouthful of meat, eggs, and dairy products can come with the following:
  • Antibiotics and steroids: Animals in factory farms are given these drugs to prevent outbreaks of disease in the crowded, unsanitary conditions in which they live and to make them grow faster.
  • Feces: Intestines of dead animals can and do get punctured when the carcasses are "cleaned," thus contaminating the flesh with excrement. (In the case of ground beef, feces from one animal get mixed in with almost every other animal's.) The grain that animals are fed has excrement, other dead animals, expired dog and cat food, and leftover restaurant food mixed in as "fillers."
  • Pus, blood, and scabs: Up to three times a day, cows used for their milk have electric milking machines hooked up to their massively swollen udders, resulting in cuts and infections—"souvenirs" of which end up in the milk.
  • Toxins: Fish absorb and ingest whatever is in the water in which they live, and they pass it on to us when we eat them. So no matter how clean the water that we drink is, we'd still be getting mercury, PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls), and other toxins whenever we eat fish.
  • Pathogens: Many kinds of bacteria are harmless and even beneficial. For example, only bacteria can synthesize vitamin B12. But some strains of bacteria cause dangerous and even fatal diseases. E. coli 0157:H7 poisoning is known as "the hamburger disease," campylobacter bacteria can be found in chickens and turkeys, and salmonella outbreaks have been related to almost every food of animal origin, especially eggs.
Read more about health concerns.
And if heart disease, cancer, and other diseases won't convince you to stop eating animal products, maybe the havoc that the meat industry wreaks on the environment will.
For one thing, raising animals for food depletes our oxygen supply. In Central America, two-thirds of the rain forests have been cleared to make way for cattle ranches. At the same time, the world's livestock account for 15 to 25 percent of overall global methane emissions—and methane is 24 times more potent a greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide. 
In the United States, nearly half of the country's water, more than one-third of its raw materials and fossil fuels, 80 percent of its agricultural land, and 70 percent of its grain are used to raise animals for food—who, in turn, produce a whopping 87,000 pounds of manure every single second! This waste, which is 130 times the excrement of the entire human population, leaks into streams and rivers, contaminating water sources.
Read more about meat and the environment.


4. Because eating meat just isn't fair.

The suffering of humans and the suffering of other animals are interconnected. By alleviating the suffering of other animals, we also help alleviate human suffering.
For example, around 840 million people go hungry every single day of their lives. Cattle worldwide consume enough calories to feed 8.7 billion people. Crops that could be used to feed the hungry are instead being used to fatten animals raised for food. Instead of growing grain, feeding it to animals, killing the animals, and then eating their flesh, why not just grow crops for human consumption? Simply put, the more meat you eat, the fewer people you feed. You can feed 20 vegetarians on the amount of land needed to feed one person on a meat-based diet. And speaking of land, big corporations buy land at rock-bottom prices and use them to grow food that only richer societies can afford. The farmers, who could've grown their own food if they didn't have to devote their land to raising animals, end up hungry and poor.
By boycotting animal products, we also boycott slaughterhouses and animal-processing plants, which are notorious for low wages, unsafe working conditions, and poor labor relations.
The farmed-animal industry in the United States, for instance, deliberately recruits immigrants, minors, and poor rural Americans because they will accept low wages and can be easily manipulated for fear of losing their jobs. Some meatpacking giants have even been charged with smuggling undocumented workers into the U.S. Far away from their homes with no support network, many of these migrant workers are treated like slaves by the farmed-animal industry. In some slaughterhouses in the U.S., two-thirds of the workers are immigrants who cannot speak English.
Day in and day out, these workers must struggle against animals fighting for their lives, using dangerous equipment meant to cut through meat and bone. Sometimes training consists of little more than watching a video, and the up to 400 percent job turnover rate at some slaughterhouses means that workers are replaced before they get the hang of operating the machines without accidentally hurting themselves or others.
Often, these workers are too worried about making their quota or keeping up with the line speed to think about taking extra precautions, even the simplest ones such as keeping their knives sharp. As for safety gear, the animal-processing industry usually makes workers pay for this out of their own pockets, despite the fact that many of the workers are too poor even to feed their families. Not surprisingly, one in three slaughterhouse workers suffers from illness or injury every year, compared to one out of every 10 workers in other manufacturing jobs. Repetitive stress injury is 35 times more common among slaughterhouse workers than in any other manufacturing job.
As bad as it may already sound, it's very likely that these figures are even higher: Workers, human resources staff, and management are discouraged from reporting work-related injuries in order to get hefty bonuses and keep insurance costs from cutting into the company's bottom line. Many ill and injured employees are required to report for work anyway, are forced to pretend that they were injured at home, or are even fired outright just so companies can avoid having to pay for medical treatment or having to report injuries to occupational safety authorities.
In addition to exploiting poor people, immigrants, and children and doing little to protect workers from workplace hazards, the farmed-animal industry has also been charged with union busting. When workers try to unionize, the industry uses illegal intimidation and harassment tactics to ensure that pro-union employees are silenced. According to Human Rights Watch, "Many workers who try to form trade unions and bargain collectively are spied on, harassed, pressured, threatened, suspended, fired, deported or otherwise victimized for their exercise of the right to freedom of association."
Read more about workers' rights.



Today I introduced Bruno Mars to our boss.

Here's the story:

I was alternately humming and singing Grenade when she suddenly asked for its title.  She said it uplifts her spirit whenever she hears me sing it.  Don't ask me why, I also don't understand.  I answered, "Oh it's Grenade".

"Green what?" she asked.

So to make it easier for the both us, I got my phone, browsed YouTube (this is so bawal pero since she's the boss, pwede na) and showed her the video of it.  Almost finished watching the video, she asked what's it all about.

I tried to explain, "The singer was like a martyr".

"A what?" she asked.

"A martyr.  He's willing to do everything for the girl but the girl won't do the same." I tried to explain it as straightforward as possible.

Her smile faded.  "Oh that's sad.  I hate it.  Very sad.  You see, life is sometimes like that."

What else can I say?  I thought of the good news.  "By the way, he's famous in Hollywood and he's half Filipino."

Poker face.

She didn't even care.

Before that, she told me she's noticed that I do love music and I know a lot of songs.  I owned up to it and tried to prove it.  Hahaha!  Pretending that I didn't know she could hear me, I proudly and confidently sang a portion of Taio's Dynamite...

"I throw my hands up in the air sometimes, saying eh yo, GALILEO!"

Only to find out that the real lyrics were "I throw my hands up in the air sometimes, saying ah-yo, GOTTA LET GO!"

Hahaha hope she never realizes it baka mawala ang bilib nya pag nalaman nyang imbento ang lyrics ko ;).


tracing the roots

Lately I have been studying my genealogy and realized I actually have a lot of relatives way back home.  Was able to track down my great grandfather's roots with the help of the unpublished book written by my Lolo Crispin, my grandfather's first cousin.  Knowing that my grandfather was once a public servant, I researched about him in google and found a page (not sure what the source of the author was) and proudly showed it to Amir, my "ehem" :).  He then read.  Here are some excerpts and I also  included his picture.

Please click pictures to enlarge.

Don Lucas Fernandez on this clip was my Lola's older brother.  My lola became a mayor's wife after becoming a mayor's sister and she herself became a councilor during her time.

Don Maximino Papa who was a municipal president was their first cousin.

Capitan del Barrio Crispin Ordenes on this clip was, as I've mentioned before, my Lolo's first cousin.  He just passed away about ten years ago.  Because I wasn't able to see Lolo Leoncio in person as he passed away when Tatay  was still in highschool, I consider myself fortunate enough to at least see and meet Lolo Crispin.  I'm proud of them for being a part of Sablayan's history.  Di lang kasi nahilig sa politics ang sumunod na generation namin pero it's okay.  I think politics before was way much better compared to today's system kaya mas okay nga na wag na lang :).  Anyways, continue reading.

Amir was impressed but never told me anything.  He was impressed that my roots were actually part of my hometown's history.  It's just recently when I happened to see his own family's group in Facebook that his roots actually were also part of his hometown's history and in a  not so humble way.  Much respect when I realized he never even flaunted about it.  So I do it :)

I've reasearched for his family background and found something about his father.  Here:

Please click pictures to enlarge.

And it never ends there.  This is all about his grandfather, the late Justice Busran.

Please click pictures to enlarge.

source: click HERE.

More to discover about him pero ngayon I'm still a proud granddaughter to my late Lolo Leoncio.


manual workers

they clean the glass roof and windows of this building.

if these people can work this hard, then who am i to whine?


patient. idealistic.  hopeful.

"someday life will be fairer, need will be rarer, greed will not pay.  God speed..."



an american tail:

"hope for the best, work for the rest and never say never..."

short message which says it all.

p.s. i was 6 years old when this movie was shown.  was able to watch it only when i was 17.  loser. LOL.

from my most favorite disney movie:

"there's a time for everyone if they only learn that the twisting kaleidoscope moves us all in turn..."

perfect thing happens in its own perfect timing.

wait for your turn and believe.
little foot still holds on to this piece of advice:

"live your story
faith, hope & glory
hold to the truth in your heart..."

and so do i :) 



cinderella once said:

"a dream is a wish your heart makes... if you keep on believing the dream that you wish will come true".

So. dream. big!


as per mulan:

"now i see if i wear a mask i can fool the world but i can not fool my heart"...

it speaks of not pretending or trying to be someone that you are not.

just be you.


what i've learned today...

a small piece of advice from Sebastian:

"the seaweed is always greener in somebody else's lake.
you dream about going up there but that is a big mistake".


today i've learned the importance of contentment.

masarap. :)

from the prince of egypt:

"who knows what miracles you can achieve; when you believe, somehow you will"

so, don't. stop. believing!

especially to my batchmate slash classmate slash friend, anton. kapit lang! ^^

according to hercules:

" i won't look back, i can go the distance
and i'll stay on track, no, i won't accept defeat"...

yan ang spirit. very inspiring!

a small learning from pocahontas:

"if you walk the footsteps of a stranger
you'll learn the things you never knew"...

experience the world as much as possible.  don't limit yourself. go ahead even when others would rather hold back and stay in their comfort zone.

tama. :)


di ako sanay sa biglaan..

bakit may mga taong ang hilig sa biglaan?  

 the result:
Amir, Judz, Carlo, Via and me after 7 long months :)

and days after that...

Father Oni with his foster parents from Puerto Galera.  Bads and I decided to  take them to Glutton's bay in Marina.

i'm one person who prefers to be notified weeks or months before. pero masaya naman pala pag unexpected.  mas masarap ang feeling na you find time to see them kahit wala sa plano.  sa uulitin :)  


1st day high

It's the first day of school in the Philippines!  Last night I read Yuan's tweet about how he would sleep early because today would be his first day of class.  He was excited since it's his first day in the middle school.  

I woke up to a very familiar first-day-of-school breeze.  It was a bit rainy and going back to sleep would be the perfect thing to do.  I wanted to stay in bed and feel the comfort of my thermal blanket but THE red flag was raised.  I had to wake up to take panadol and battle with my dysmenorrhea.

I know most of the kids who would go to school for the first time are excited but a li'l scared.  I remember our first day in Kinder.  Our room was surrounded by parents/guardians checking on their kids until everyone was seated inside the room.As soon as our teacher started to speak in front of us, the parents started to leave.  One classmate kept on looking for her papa.  Whenever she couldn't see her papa outside the window, she would scream and cry which distracted the whole class.  Then her papa would show up, she would stop.  It's a cycle, paulit-ulit until her parents decided to retract her enrollment na lang.  I never knew that she would be one of my best friends later in life :).

I don't know if being her the eldest child in the family had something to do with how she handled her first day in school.  As fo me, I never had that separation anxiety.  I was very excited to go to school I even remember being one of those who came to school early.  Siguro kasi andami kong napasukan before Kinder.  I went to Day Care, iba-iba.  And our old house was just beside the school so when I heard the students sing every morning, I got even more excited to go to school. Nung bata pa kasi ako wala akong kasama sa bahay.  Nanay and Tatay would go to work.  My two older sisters were going to school na. Ate Lyn, who took care of us would either go to school or go home since their house was near ours.  Lola would go to Guiron, where she would play cards with her sister and brother in law and some kumpares.  There was no other option but to ask Ate Lala's teacher if I could sit in her class.  I loved it since I was very excited to go to school na rin. Ate Lala was in Grade 4 then.

Memories of the preparations for the first day are still clear to me.  Busy ang Edna's nook since it was the largest retail store of school supplies.  Where I lived, there was no National Bookstore or Merriam or Expressions.  Paunahan sa pagkuha ng pinakamagandang notebook cover usually your favorite actor/actress or your fave cartoon character.  Bago lahat from 1 pad of paper, pencils, ballpens, sharpeners, pencil case, umbrella, usually hindi  bago ang bag kasi pwede pang gamitin yung bag last year.  The smell of a brand new plastic cover is heaven to me.  Until now, whenever I smell a plastic cover, memories of school all come back.  Subjects were written on the first page of each notebook. Then your handwriting would suck kasi di ka nakapagsulat buong summer.  When you're not satisfied with how you write, you would tear the first page and write again.  Then on the first day of school, since civilian pa lang muna, you would choose your best dress.  You'd come to your school, freshly bathed and smelling good, the first thing you would do was ground improvement--nice term for cleaning the campus. Yes you might be wondering now why we got to clean the campus since it was a private school.  Ganun talaga.  Ewan ko din kung bakit. Some students were even asked to cut the grass.  We did not find it weird. At that time it was normal.  When I went to college saka ko lang narealize, oo nga pala noh bakit namin ginagawa yun? :)

Then it would be so hard to wake up in the morning since June's a rainy season. Sobrang lamig. And when you have to wake up at 7:00am, it's true that the worst time of the day is 6:59.  But you have no choice.  One of the reasons which made me wake up in  the morning was the thought of seeing my crush in school.  Hahaha, dang!  Ang sarap maging estudyante ulit :)



Words aren't enough.  I'll get back to you soon.

*photo courtesy of this site.



I want to celebrate with you guys the 6th year anniversary of this blog.  I missed April 14th which was supposedly  the exact birthday of my blog.  I don't know why I was so busy that time, might be preoccupied by job hunting or preparing for Yuan's arrival that I failed to write something about my blog anniv.  Anyways, looking back to the history, it started April 14, 2005 and from then on I developed my passion to write.  Not write as in journalism-ish writing but write as in write randomly.  Freestyle.  Just share my thoughts and experiences.

Funny thing is, I've been blogging for 6 years now and yes I have 6 followers.  One follower per year? Boo! Hahaha.  It doesn't matter though as I write for my self satisfaction and not for others.  I know there's only a handful of you who actually read this, basically my family and friends.  Thank you for being part of those past 6 years in my life.  I've been saying this and I say it again that this blog is my refuge.  I remember when I was so down, I would just vent out to my blog and everything would be okay.  I went through hardships in life and my blog has witnessed everything.  This really helps because there were times when after feeling okay and relieved, I would look back and reread the blogs I've posted then I'd realize I wasn't seeing the whole picture of the situation.  I'd realize I was only looking at one side of the situation and what I was actually feeling was different from what was really happening.  And there were times that I couldn't believe I was actually feeling that way at that time.  And then I'd just laugh and realize that in life, before making any decision, we have to think thousand times and we have to consider everyhting not just for your own good but for the welfare of all. From here I can say that this blog helped me think and act like a grown-up because of the lessons I'm learning.  It's nice to know that there's actually something you can go to when you feel like crying and talking and nobody wants to listen.  But let us not remember that the best way to do when you feel that way is to pray and talk to Him.  A blog should only be a side dish :)

Six years and still counting.  I hope to keep this until I grow older and until my future children learn how to read then we'd read this together and they'd laugh and cry with me :)


may musika :)

this is inspiring!  creativity and passion make a good combination.  this is one of those moments when no matter how tired and drained you feel, music never fails to refreshen us.

music- the universal language.


My note: this post doesn't intend to humiliate or make fun of the place or the people.  Just found it hilarious and wanna share it with you guys. 

And the ever hilarious boarding pass :)

But this one's better than what I saw in Hong Kong which I unfortunately wasn't able to take pictures of.  Aaaaw.  Nagkakaintindihan din naman :)