Whaaaat?! This year is about to end and I haven't blogged in 3 months! I was still adjusting to the new environment and to the new job scope so I always felt jaded when I reached home. Plus the stress caused by the course I'm currently taking.  

Let me just post the pics of the summary of my October to December so called routine. So now you have an idea of what I've been doing for the past months ;)

I plan to blog more in 2013 when I have fully adjusted. Yuan and Ate Lala are coming next week to celebrate Christmas with us. Tatay might also come. So there would be more blog posts coming! :)


to infinity and beyond!

Infinity pools! I am a big fan and whoever had the very first idea of infinity pools was a genius.  Hats off to you!

As a water-lover (seas, pools, and any kind except those rivers which obviously have something living on them particularly gigantic reptiles), i always see water as a symbol of relaxation.

Infinity pools are better if the view is also a sea or a horizon or a rain forest. But there are some which are perfectly built that you wouldn't mind having a view of man-made structures.  Here is one example.  I've been here but never got the chance to swim.  I did more of a sight-seeing.

And oh, natuuuuuure...

and from the Philippines, Davao Pearl Farm:

*photos extracted from google


i miss you mj and tin :)

Part of working overseas is the joy of having visitors from your home country especially your most loved relatives.  Just this month, my cousins MJ and Tin came to visit.  

We went to Tanjung Pinang in Indonesia, a 2-hr ferry trip from Singapore.

Lunch was free! You can notice though that there were curtains used to cover the people eating  inside.  The reason being it was Ramadan and the guide said to show respect to the Muslim community who practice Ramadan, might as well be polite enough not to let them see.  But sadly, most of the crew who served us were Muslims :(

We also went to this temple.  From outside, it looked like the Forbidden City so I supposed  it was a bit inspired by the place.  Everything here was expensive.  I know cos they have a price list of every statue and every item inside.  Lucky they allowed us to take pictures and not like in Bangkok where they have dress code for you to go inside, we were allowed to enter even on shorts, shirts and slippers.

Next stop was where they showed us how to make cuttlefish chips.  Some were preserved and some were sugar/chili coated.  We didn't bother  to take photos as it really didn't please us :D.

For me this was the highlight -- massage! All my stress for the past months were shooed away.  The place was also very relaxing and very nice.  Not to mention the massage therapists who tried their best to give us their "hardest", never minding their hunger and thirst (they were fasting).  So it didn't really hurt to give them tips after the very relaxing 2 hours.

A glimpse of the town.

The hotel lobby - Hotel Laguna

Since dinner was not included in the package, we had to walk and look for the nearest place to eat.  We found this place, looked like a town plaza where they have a lot of seafood choices.  We got to choose which fish we wanted to be grilled for us.  The food was very nice and very affordable (against our dollars, not that bad).

After dinner, we went to a neighboring hotel for videoke.  When we tried to ask for the nearest videoke, they looked at us, puzzled.  We should have said KTV as it was more known for that term than videoke or karaoke.  A lot of respect to MJ  for letting  us have the floor most of the time.  A true vocalist's spirit ;)  By the way, thanks for the Guerrilla Tactics shirt.  That was the black shirt I was wearing :)

This is our good morning pictorial.  We had to wake up early as we would miss the buffet breakfast if we enjoyed the comfort of our beds.  Time to pack the things and get ready to go back.

We goofed around, laughed and enjoyed while waiting for the ferry.

Tired, but what do I always say?  It's all worth it. :)


i've moved

Patience is a virtue. -- one of the most commonly used phrases together with "Time is gold" and "God is love" and "Past is past".  But there are instances that you feel very grateful never minding to use these words over and over again.

I got a new job and thanks to my college block mate Rachel who referred me.  This is where I can use  my knowledge as a Pharmacist and as a  Nurse but not in the toxic scene of ER and Pharma.  Of course as a very new employee there's a lot more to learn and way to go.  I know it will take time to fully adjust from a busy and crowded environment to this quiet and mind-blowing job. :)

This is my new workplace.  It's still empty and kalat free but I know soon it will (though I hope won't) be very messy.  

Bring it on! :)



This is the symbol of my last day at work.



happy thought: meeting a stranger

One day at work, a man was looking for Vitamin B complex. After patiently responding to his questions, we close d a deal.  He left happy. 

Next day he dropped by.  This time he did not need anything. He introduced himself and I learned that he's a doctor from Singapore General Hospital. He said he was very happy with the service he received the previous day that's why he decided to give me a book. The book was an inspirational book which would help you strengthen your faith in God and in humanity. "I wanted to give this to you yesterday", he said.

Before handing it over to me, he put a dedication on the first page.

I said thank you then he left.

I felt awkward to ask for his name so I checked his purchase history.  I scanned the book and guess what I discovered?  He himself was the author of the book he gave me!

How cool was that? :)



what used to be siam

as usual, i'm lazy to document my travel in detail. i'll just make kwento about  it through pictures.  here goes a magazine-ish post again.

okay just an overview -- yuan, bads and i went to bangkok to meet up with ate lala and ate kira who visited their friend ate avie.  it was april 26th, 2012.  enjoy! :)

1st stop - floating market
2nd stop -- spring summer with bday girls ate lala and ate avie

3rd stop -- bird feeding

the grand palace

kaosan -- philippine's malate slash bora  without the beach

jewelry shop, tuktuk, hotel room, etc.
they say it's not thailand if there's no elephant pics.  we actually planned to drop by  the elephant ride station but it was soooo damn hot plus ate lala has this four-legged animal phobia (eh sobrang laki pa nun) plus the elephants were not like the ones from sumatra which are gray in color.  they were black or super dark gray! quite scary kaya we opted not to go na lang.

next stop -- indefinite :)


dinner & dance 2012 wild west legends

we had dinner but we didn't dance :)
and i won an ipad 3. woohoo!!!

the post party was even better. got a li'l tipsy.


first times

This blog has been silent for almost two months and i think i owe my readers one hell of a post.  When I say my readers, it means my family and close friends as they are the only ones interested to read my nonsense :).

Christmas season had witnessed a lot of first times  in my life.  First, it was my first time to go back to the Philippines as an OFW. Yes, I'm a foreign worker and Chritsmas means going home to your family and loved ones.  I was very excited cos another "first time" was waiting for me back home.

First time to go to Boracay.  I know I was so thousand late.  My friend was telling me "Ano ba naman yan nakailang labas ka na ng bansa, di ka pa nakakarating sa bora?"  And this was the moment.  I went to Bora with my family.  

It's also my first time having a pic on the infinity pool. I've been dreaming to have a shot similar to this one.

I even set this one as my laptop wallpaper.  So given a chance, I tried to have a click of my own photo which never turned out to be as awesome as this one pero pwede na para sa first time :)

My first time to try shisha.  My younger cousins kept on showing signs that they wanted to try it so I bravely asked Tita Siony if we could.  She gladly said yes and so we tried.

Another first time was to try the helmet diving and feed the fish which freaked me out cos I felt them going inside my swimsuit.  I wasn't wearing a wet suit or a rash guard that's why I felt naked and vulnerable.

My first time to go parasailing!  The view from above was wonderful! You could see the entire stretch of white sand and blue water. Masakit sa bulsa, pero masarap sa pakiramdam.  Quits lang :)

And the most wonderful feeling, it was my first time to spend Christmas with Tita Siony (as far as I could remember).  She's been spending xmas in the US for more or less 2 decades now and we are very grateful that she got to spend xmas with us.  It was a very memorable family gathering. 

Hope you all had a happy Christmas as well!