first times

This blog has been silent for almost two months and i think i owe my readers one hell of a post.  When I say my readers, it means my family and close friends as they are the only ones interested to read my nonsense :).

Christmas season had witnessed a lot of first times  in my life.  First, it was my first time to go back to the Philippines as an OFW. Yes, I'm a foreign worker and Chritsmas means going home to your family and loved ones.  I was very excited cos another "first time" was waiting for me back home.

First time to go to Boracay.  I know I was so thousand late.  My friend was telling me "Ano ba naman yan nakailang labas ka na ng bansa, di ka pa nakakarating sa bora?"  And this was the moment.  I went to Bora with my family.  

It's also my first time having a pic on the infinity pool. I've been dreaming to have a shot similar to this one.

I even set this one as my laptop wallpaper.  So given a chance, I tried to have a click of my own photo which never turned out to be as awesome as this one pero pwede na para sa first time :)

My first time to try shisha.  My younger cousins kept on showing signs that they wanted to try it so I bravely asked Tita Siony if we could.  She gladly said yes and so we tried.

Another first time was to try the helmet diving and feed the fish which freaked me out cos I felt them going inside my swimsuit.  I wasn't wearing a wet suit or a rash guard that's why I felt naked and vulnerable.

My first time to go parasailing!  The view from above was wonderful! You could see the entire stretch of white sand and blue water. Masakit sa bulsa, pero masarap sa pakiramdam.  Quits lang :)

And the most wonderful feeling, it was my first time to spend Christmas with Tita Siony (as far as I could remember).  She's been spending xmas in the US for more or less 2 decades now and we are very grateful that she got to spend xmas with us.  It was a very memorable family gathering. 

Hope you all had a happy Christmas as well!