what used to be siam

as usual, i'm lazy to document my travel in detail. i'll just make kwento about  it through pictures.  here goes a magazine-ish post again.

okay just an overview -- yuan, bads and i went to bangkok to meet up with ate lala and ate kira who visited their friend ate avie.  it was april 26th, 2012.  enjoy! :)

1st stop - floating market
2nd stop -- spring summer with bday girls ate lala and ate avie

3rd stop -- bird feeding

the grand palace

kaosan -- philippine's malate slash bora  without the beach

jewelry shop, tuktuk, hotel room, etc.
they say it's not thailand if there's no elephant pics.  we actually planned to drop by  the elephant ride station but it was soooo damn hot plus ate lala has this four-legged animal phobia (eh sobrang laki pa nun) plus the elephants were not like the ones from sumatra which are gray in color.  they were black or super dark gray! quite scary kaya we opted not to go na lang.

next stop -- indefinite :)


dinner & dance 2012 wild west legends

we had dinner but we didn't dance :)
and i won an ipad 3. woohoo!!!

the post party was even better. got a li'l tipsy.