i've moved

Patience is a virtue. -- one of the most commonly used phrases together with "Time is gold" and "God is love" and "Past is past".  But there are instances that you feel very grateful never minding to use these words over and over again.

I got a new job and thanks to my college block mate Rachel who referred me.  This is where I can use  my knowledge as a Pharmacist and as a  Nurse but not in the toxic scene of ER and Pharma.  Of course as a very new employee there's a lot more to learn and way to go.  I know it will take time to fully adjust from a busy and crowded environment to this quiet and mind-blowing job. :)

This is my new workplace.  It's still empty and kalat free but I know soon it will (though I hope won't) be very messy.  

Bring it on! :)



This is the symbol of my last day at work.



happy thought: meeting a stranger

One day at work, a man was looking for Vitamin B complex. After patiently responding to his questions, we close d a deal.  He left happy. 

Next day he dropped by.  This time he did not need anything. He introduced himself and I learned that he's a doctor from Singapore General Hospital. He said he was very happy with the service he received the previous day that's why he decided to give me a book. The book was an inspirational book which would help you strengthen your faith in God and in humanity. "I wanted to give this to you yesterday", he said.

Before handing it over to me, he put a dedication on the first page.

I said thank you then he left.

I felt awkward to ask for his name so I checked his purchase history.  I scanned the book and guess what I discovered?  He himself was the author of the book he gave me!

How cool was that? :)