i miss you mj and tin :)

Part of working overseas is the joy of having visitors from your home country especially your most loved relatives.  Just this month, my cousins MJ and Tin came to visit.  

We went to Tanjung Pinang in Indonesia, a 2-hr ferry trip from Singapore.

Lunch was free! You can notice though that there were curtains used to cover the people eating  inside.  The reason being it was Ramadan and the guide said to show respect to the Muslim community who practice Ramadan, might as well be polite enough not to let them see.  But sadly, most of the crew who served us were Muslims :(

We also went to this temple.  From outside, it looked like the Forbidden City so I supposed  it was a bit inspired by the place.  Everything here was expensive.  I know cos they have a price list of every statue and every item inside.  Lucky they allowed us to take pictures and not like in Bangkok where they have dress code for you to go inside, we were allowed to enter even on shorts, shirts and slippers.

Next stop was where they showed us how to make cuttlefish chips.  Some were preserved and some were sugar/chili coated.  We didn't bother  to take photos as it really didn't please us :D.

For me this was the highlight -- massage! All my stress for the past months were shooed away.  The place was also very relaxing and very nice.  Not to mention the massage therapists who tried their best to give us their "hardest", never minding their hunger and thirst (they were fasting).  So it didn't really hurt to give them tips after the very relaxing 2 hours.

A glimpse of the town.

The hotel lobby - Hotel Laguna

Since dinner was not included in the package, we had to walk and look for the nearest place to eat.  We found this place, looked like a town plaza where they have a lot of seafood choices.  We got to choose which fish we wanted to be grilled for us.  The food was very nice and very affordable (against our dollars, not that bad).

After dinner, we went to a neighboring hotel for videoke.  When we tried to ask for the nearest videoke, they looked at us, puzzled.  We should have said KTV as it was more known for that term than videoke or karaoke.  A lot of respect to MJ  for letting  us have the floor most of the time.  A true vocalist's spirit ;)  By the way, thanks for the Guerrilla Tactics shirt.  That was the black shirt I was wearing :)

This is our good morning pictorial.  We had to wake up early as we would miss the buffet breakfast if we enjoyed the comfort of our beds.  Time to pack the things and get ready to go back.

We goofed around, laughed and enjoyed while waiting for the ferry.

Tired, but what do I always say?  It's all worth it. :)