people of bohol :(

I woke up to a very bad news.  And sad. Very sad.

Bohol was hit by a 7.1 (or 2?) magnitude earthquake.  I was there 4 years ago and I could say that those centuries-old churches were giving much pride to its people. 

Their version of a leaning tower which used to be like this

is now ruined. :(

This photo was taken inside the Baclayon Church which has also been damaged. 

This is the Baclayon Church now.

And the Loboc Church before and after.

I consider myself lucky to have been given a chance to visit Bohol before everything became like this. 

Will be praying for the safety of my fellow Filipinos. I know Boholanos can make it a better place after all these. That's the pinoy spirit! 

My prayer goes to the people of Cebu as well.

Disclaimer: The photos (aside from the 3rd) were extracted from Google and other social media.


birthday 2013

"If you look over the years, the styles have changed -- the clothes, the hair, the production, the approach to the songs. The icing to the cake has changed flavors. But if you really look at the cake itself, it's really the same." - John Oates 

For years I used to believe that birthday greetings were compulsory. But now, I know  that people may or may not greet you, depending on their mood. I often took that for granted. Sometimes I even failed to acknowledge the greetings and thought they were just doing it just because. This time, as people are getting more and more busy and preoccupied, a simple gesture means a lot. A simple greeting makes you feel more special. Every greeting makes you feel more loved.

I never had the chance to thank everyone who greeted me through e-mail, Facebook, SMS, Viber, WhatsApp, phone call, etc. but I made sure to thank those who greeted me in person. I went for a short visit to Manila to meet friends and to celebrate my day with family. While I was reading the messages, sobrang nakakataba ng puso. Even those that I have not seen for quite a while took time to send their greetings. I was sooooo touched.

Now let me express my gratitude to you guys.

First, my family. Tatay, who called from time to time during my entire stay in Manila. Sayang as he was set to arrive on the 13th kaya di na kami nag-abot. My trip was not pre-planned so we never had an Option B. I had to come back to SG on the 9th. 

Nanay, who was the first one to call, had a good news for us and we are happy for her. She passed the NCLEX! She always says that age is not a hindrance to pursue your dreams :) 

Bads, who was left in SG, posted a very nice message on my wall. Hahaha it's not actually nice but I know that's how she expresses her feelings. I know her so well. :) 

Ate Lala, who was with me all the time, is super. It's not the Krissy-Ballsy sisterhood (I am not pasaway and she is not soft-spoken at all!) but we jive. Aside from the very few friends, it's only us, her sisters, whom she gets along with. Thank you for being there. 

And Yuan! Totoo pala yung sinasabi nila na pag bata ang nag-request, parang nati-tame ang tiger. Hehehe. Thank you for giving us a reason to always want to come home. Thank you for giving us the pride for being a very good boy and a hard-working student. Kahit na minsang nalingat ako and I learned na you talked to Siri and you were trying her patience. Hahaha. Here's one evidence:

To my friends, in no particular order, let me thank you.

Honeylette Guirnela - We have not seen each other after graduation :) Hope to see you again.

Pam Macaltao - Andami nang nangyari since then, hahahaha! Belated happy birthday to you, too.

AJ dela Torre-Taluban - Thanks to you and Jai

Jennifer Dimayacyac-Ines - Thank you. And thanks for being beautiful inside and out. I'm thankful that God chose us to be related :)

Arlene Torres - Thank you for being consistent :) You've never changed. Feeling ko ikaw pa rin yung estudyanteng Arlene during our gimik days in med school. Andun ka rin sa gigolo, tama ba? Hahahaha!

Judith Alabado Reyes - It's been  six years, ambilis ng panahon. Dati sabay lang tayong nangarap maging USRN. Ngayon magkasama nga tayo but as they say, God knows best. He twists everything for our own good. :)

Liezzy Manalo - Thanks and so happy to hear from you after how many years. Buti na lang may FB :)

Wilda Guiao - My classmate, my dancemate. It's been a long time. Let's see each other again and practice those moves! Hehehe.

Mikiel Dimayacyac - Thank you for the greeting but thank you more for bringing such an honor to our family. You make us all proud. Sana magtuloy-tuloy ang mission mo to serve God and the church. God bless.

Viva Velasquez - Vivs! Despite the fact that we are both busy, thank you for finding the time to greet me. Congratulations on your latest achievement. I am sooo happy for you. Hindi ka na ma-reach. Sabay lang tayo nagbabasa dati ngayon super layo mo na hahahaha. Ang hirap habulin but you're not making me feel that way. Feeling ko andyan ka pa rin and thank you sa #tbt #payatotdaysareover :D

Al Michael - You are the best friend one can ever have. Sometimes you're misinterpreted pero alam kong as a friend, you'd do everything and betrayal is not in your vocabulary. Love you Mic!

Hiro Ishige - Thanks kuya. I hope to see you soon, or kahit hindi soon, maybe someday :) Thanks for taking care of Ate Chil.

JP Magno - I miss you Japes. Hindi na tayo nagkita :( 

Butch Ordenes - Thanks kuya Butch! God bless you and your family especially your bright kids. It's in the genes I suppose :)

Albert Mugar - Salamat Notnot :)

Bing Faderon - Hi Bing! Thank you.

Roan Bundang - for organizing the dinner and conniving with me.

Eva Urieta - Sorry I had to put your real name hahaha. Thank you ate Eva.

Nonieza Mase - My ated. Thank you. Salamat sa pagbisita when I was in Sablayan. Sobrang na-appreciate ko yun. See you ulit next uwi :)

Michelle Urieta Flower - I don't think I can ever express how I appreciate you as my cousin. From the time na bulilit pa lang ako (na maraming naiinis sa akin) up to the time na nagdalaga na ako (at maraming nagkaka crush) wahahahahahaha! Andyan ka palagi, hindi nagpapakita ng pagkainis although I know inside nagtitimpi ka na lang. Please understand, pinagdadaanan talaga yun ng isang bata. Pero ngayon I'm super bait na. Wala na ring tantrums pwede na ulit tayo magbakasyon sa Mamburao :)

Jose Vincent Urieta - Thank you sana next time na magsama sama tayo, di mo na kami lalayasan :)

Maria Anna Lojares Romabon - Wala akong masabi. Tahimik lang ako. Hehehe Salamat Ann.

Pinky Artesano - Hi tita Pinx, thanks. God bless you. I'm so proud of your bright kids. daddy? hehehehe

Nanay Lucy Urieta - Nay, salamat po, my birthday would have been more complete kung andun ang favorite kalamay ko. Pero alam ko soon matitikman ko na ulit yan :) Ingat po Nay I love you :)

Josephine Lontoc-dela Torre - Hello ate Neneng salamat :)

Rutchel Balicol Bundang - Thank you couzin. Kung meron man akong idol dahil hindi nagkaka-fat sa katawan, ikaw yun hehehe. Bulong mo naman sikreto :)

Alona Ngoi - Lenlen, Lenlen,'s been 15 years! Thank you for being there through thick and thin.I soooo miss you sana magkita na tayo soon. Will be looking foward to the day when you'd message me and say "I'm coming to SG. Please meet me" :)

Louie Gironella - I don't think you ever greeted me. Pero yung pag-comment mo sa greeting will suffice hahahaha pero it's never too late, pwede pa.

Jas Karl - Salamat pre. Musta na ang life and your two angels?

Elaine Salvador - Thank you Elaine. God bless!

Paolo Mendoza - Thanks so much Pao! Jess bless :)

Aura Villena - My twin sistah, thank you sa cake nyo ni Michael. Syempre nadamay na rin ako don hehehe. Love you Auie!

Lota Ebora - Salamat Lota!

Edna Balina - Hi Ate Ed thank you!

Mel Beluan - Daghang salamat Mel :)

Emman Villas - Wala akong masabi sayo. It's still the same us kahit matagal tayong di nagkikita. Nothing's changed. I think that's the real sense of friendship :)

Rachel M U Ordenes - Thank you ate Chel. Kelan tayo magkikita? Andami nang nangyari di pa rin tayo nagkikita :( *sobs* Love you te Chil!

Sharon Dangeros - Thanks Sha stay sexy :)

Mavreen Antolin Manato - Hi Mavs! musta na? My wish is to see you all guys in one gathering. Yun tipong magkakasama lahat ng batch, posible pa kaya mangyari yun? ;)

Tan Villarosa - Hi, Kuya Tan, thank you. And thank you for being a family. God bless!

Julie Ann Villena - Hi Bajuh di na tayo nagkita :) Sorry ha surprise kasi yung uwi ko as in di nila alam kaya di rin kita nasabihan. Next time sana magkita na tayo :)

Margaret Ong - Thanks Tash! God bless you and please be safe in HK.

Ian Lim - Biboy, balik ka na dito!!!

Khar Urieta - Congratulations Khar heheh alam na and thanks for hosting our birthday party :) Pasensya na kamo sa kapitbahay nyo, once a year lang naman :)

Mari Cor - Yes! Ikaw na hahahaha. I'm happy that you're coping well with the new environment. Mas mukha ka atang bata dyan hehehe. thank you.

Guerilla Tactics - Salamat sa yo kung sino ka man na nagtatago sa likod ng pangalan ng banda mo hehehe. I love you! Isa kang alamat na walang sinumang pwedeng gumiba. Blood is...hahahaha alam na.

Via Yeung - Thank you for being such a nice friend, Vi! Salamat sa walang pagbabagong samahan. Wish you all the best. I know unti-unti nang dumarating sayo :)

Gay Alessandra Ordenes - My idol. One, for being a good lawyer; Two, for being a nice person; and Three, for shrinking! Hahaha grabe! You are such an inspiration. Kelangan ko rin syang gawin :)

John Eric Cusi - Thanks John and congrats sa super duper cute na baby Erica :)

Helen Medoza - Thank you tita Helen!

Reagan Gonzales - Salamat Reagan :)

Michael Roberto - Thank you for coming with Mama Au. Much appreciated :)

Ednalyn Tinimbang - Thank you so much, Mare. Dalaga na si Princess Ecela, sundan na yan! :)

Joy Belamide - Thanks batch! take good care of yourself :)

Marylord Danseco - Thanks Niknik! Kamukhang-kamukha ni Denden mga anakis mo hahahaha buti na lang sayo nanggaling, di maitatangging anak mo nga sila. Super. :)

Kristine Rebollido - Thanks Bang!

Amihan Versoza - Thank you Amie. See you again pag-uwi :)

Mai Magboo - Hi Cuz, musta na. Medyo emo ka ngayon ah hehehehe. Salamat sa greeting. Regards to baby Sofia.

Agie Untalan - The best in arts. My inspiration sa kaartehan. Sa yo ako nagmana hehehe thank you. Where's my gift?

Mitzi Wimb - Thanks! :)

Bezalee Vidal - Thanks Bhing! God bless and take care. 

Karl Mikail Lim - Bogart, thank you. Nasan na gift ko?

Kat Cusi - The ever pretty and sexy girl :) Thank you ate hehehehe

Kiko Untalan - Thanks Jay!

Ketty Trono - Salamat Kets! Next uwi ko I will invite myself to you your place at kakain ako ng crinkles. LOL.

Maigne Borabo - One of the pretty faces I know. Salamat Maigne hope to hear that you're in SG again, soon :)

Mae Dianne Llavore - Maemae!!! Maraming salamat. Namimiss na kita. Kitain mo naman ako!

Joy Cordero - Thanks Joy and congrats to your baby boy. Sana girl na ang sunod :)

John Paul Oane - One of the very nice persons in batch `98. Walang nakakaaway, napakabuti ng puso mo JPO. Kahit na maaga mo kaming nilayasan at hindi ka nakasama sa mga pictures, thanks for being nice. Enjoy God's blessings. Thank you.

Tin Tripoli - Hello batch! Hahaha. Hi, Tin. Thanks for being nice and being such a broad-minded woman. Parang wala kang angst or hang-ups sa buhay. Buti ka pa! Hehehe :) We are so lucky to be in a relationship with you. Very soon, you will be a legit family kahit ngayon family na ang turing namin sayo :)

Agatha Aluna Macaltao - Gat, kulang na lang sa atin pinanganak na parehas ang magulang. You are such a good sister and friend to me. Salamat sa lahat. Please kiss Lian and Boyboy for me. Regards to Melvz :) 

Mutya Foja - Hello Bon, I received your message. :) Usap tayo pag uwi ko dyan hahahaha! Salamat sa greeting.

Asther Dangeros - Hello batch, nakikita ko masaya ka ngayon. Congrats :) Stay blessed.

Marilyn Ordenes- Thank you cousin! Salamat din sa lahat ng suporta na binibigay nyo. God bless you and stay healthy. Regards to all.

Amir Busran - Thank you :)

Kaye Untalan - Salamat teh sayang di tayo nagkita :(

Khristine Urieta Ordenes - Yun oh, Ate Bobon. Thank you. You are beautiful, like me :) Hahahaha walang kokontra :)

Ava Mercene Ordenes - One of the oldest friends I have! Salamat Bhang! Kiss kulot for me :)

Chona Ordenes - Hi tita Chon, thanks for showing us that a woman's strength is everything. God bless you and stay happy. Love you ta Chon!

Marga Dimayacyac - Congrats ate Marga on your new job! God really listens to our hearts! Sorry di na tayo nagkita bago ka bumalik sa Dubai. Til next time. Thank you :)

Asela Alunan Mendoza - Hi Ase, thanks! How's the workout going? Naku ayoko na makipaglaban sa inyo. Career move na to hahaha.

Dei Landong Taggueg - Hello Dei thank you! :)

Arlene Gabuco Ungria - Salamat Nikki! Hope to see you again.

Julius Calalo - Ser, thank you. Magti-thank you ulit ako sa pag-entertain sa amin dyan, super appreciated :) 

Elena Ebora Cueto - Thanks girl!

Corazon Alvarez - It's you already haha sabi ko nga sayo. Hanggang pinas ang haba ng hair mo!

Belle Antolin - Salamat. See you soon pag di na busy mom ang peg mo :)

Raul Ordenes - Thanks for being present hehehe antagal din ng mga taong binilang ko huh!

Princess Roxan - Salamat :)

Yehlen - Thanks for just being there. I love you Yeh!

Joyce de Leon - Thanks sa advanced greeting. Sayang di ka naka attend. Next time na lang.

Nathaniel Untalan - If I were to enumerate all, I don't think I can finish in one day. I know a simple thank you will do :) i love you Nates!

Gerry Serquina - Thank you batch!

Sherwin Lopez - Salamat Weng!

John Tristan Garcia - Kampai John Tristan hehehe thank you.

August Nang-is - Hello Sir maraming salamat po.

Wilfren Pacheco - Thanks Sir Wilfren! God bless.

Joanne Pascual - Hi, Joanne. Asan ka na? thank you! Nice to see you last May in Sablayan :)

Angel Profeta - Thanks.

My officemates, Reena, Rachel, Grecy, Marie, Paula, Ivy, Maggie, Ashok, Jeffrey, Maureen, Ramya and boss Romillie, salamat sa greetings through mail and in person.

Sana wala akong nakalimutan.

I also wanted to share the crazy video I took during our dinner. The super bibo Vikings' staff sang and danced for us :)


zachary david alexander efron

All I needed to see was a movie...

just one movie and I'm 25 years old again. :)

I always fancy discussions about good experiences and wonderful moments.

A couple of months ago, I published an FB post about how grateful I was when I received a very good service from a taxi driver and from a taxi company for that matter.  

Now I feel the urge to write again.

Last Friday, I took a cab on my way to work.  I asked the driver for a receipt as I planned to reimburse the fare.  The driver said sure but I forgot about it. After paying, I rushed and forgot that I even asked for a receipt and that I needed it for reimbursement.

A colleague advised me to let it go and forget about the claim.

Then I thought of the last resort.  It wouldn't hurt to try, though. I searched for the taxi company's website and looked for the email address.  Unfortunately there was none for general email.  I had to choose the subcategories like booking, services, etc. and guess what? I chose the feedback subtab! At first I talked about giving compliments to the driver. But there was a catch :). I said everything was perfect but I was not able to obtain my receipt and asked if they could provide me a copy of the receipt.  I was not expecting for any reply at all.  I just tried my luck. 

Then this morning, I checked my email and voila! I received an email from them!

Here's the attachment:

I'm not sure if this would suffice but the thing is that this is another excellent service. I'm just so happy to share it. 



This is genius!

Sablayan and bucket list

Two things that I've always attempted but failed to write about: my hometown, Sablayan and my bucket list. These two occupy a very special place in my heart that I couldn't find the right words to use and the right timing to even share to the world.

Sablayan is a paradise. It is a kingdom whose history and culture only us, the natives of that place will get to understand. There is an unexplainable bond among the people that others won't get. We were there when the people dreaded sunset as it meant darkness. Literally dark. It was in late 80s or early 90s. Almost one year interruption of power supply. Brownout. I think it's just fair to assume that birth rate was higher at that time.

But it's not only the birth rate; death rate also ballooned during that period. It was during Cory's time when seeing troops of armed people walking around the town was normal and the terms you would always hear were PC, CAFGU, Alsa Masa, NPA. This was the time when sunset meant being emotionally and physically alert. There came a time when I could no longer sleep in peace as even in sleep, my mind was alert. We were expecting to hear the gunshot in the middle of the night and to hear the news about a number of dead people in the morning.

We were there when typhoons would hit Sablayan and merchants in the public market would not be surprised to see their stores being robbed overnight.

We were there when the only bank in the place was UCPB, previously known as "first Mindoro".

We were there when "fiesta" meant parade of an imported drum and bugle corp (usually from batangas), combo in the evening, baratilyo, artista, peryahan, sayawan, pinipig crunch, and the ever famous, na hindi na ginagawa ngayon, hot air balloon; when fiesta meant a grand gathering in a humble basketball court, which later became a gymnasium and eventually became the Sablayan Astrodome.

We were there when businessmen attempted to sell Selecta ice cream but later on decided not to pursue because of the inconsistent power supply.

We were there when the only restaurant was Sawali, then followed by Odyssey.

We  were there when going to Manila meant body pain and stress; when the only beach resort people could go to was "Punta"; when the only hospital was the district hospital; when the only college was Baste; when the only gas station was Caltex; when the only drugstore I knew was the one located near our old house which is now where the Landmanz building is located.

We were there when parola was considered not as a tourist spot but as a dating place; when going to Pandan Island would mean a grand celebration; when, to be able to reach Tabuk, which we called Kabilang Sabang, people had to ride a flatboat and pay 25 cents per ride; when people had a very strong accent that speaking otherwise would mean you were not a native of Sablayan; when Mondays and Thursdays were considered to be the busiest days in Pobs, especially at the pier, dahil paalis ang Viva; when weddings meant pala-pala and sound system; when wakes meant bingo and tong-its; when gimik meant riding a motorbike and strolling around the town.

Life was so simple then. Things tend to complicate when they become more settled and established. I think it is the irony of life. You gain some and you lose some.

I can't say I have fulfilled my dream of writing about Sablayan. This is a very shallow one. It's not even one-fourth of what I feel and how I see my homeland. I think I would not be able to do it anytime soon. :(

As I was writing this, I realized I have already somehow shared a part my past. But Sablayan will not just be a past to me. It will always have a special space in my heart, no matter what.

The bucket list I mentioned would mean talking about my future and I decided not to talk about it anymore. It's always nice to talk about something which already happened. It's always nicer to look back than to foresee. I will just do it and let you know that I have marked "done" one item in my bucket list.

Two topics that I wanted to write about. I could not see the connection for now. Sablayan and bucket list. Past and future. I have this feeling that one day, I will be able to talk about it, not as 2 different topics, but as one hell of a post. ;)


 “I had walked along that street all my life, but had never been so aware that my back was to my home.” 
Girl with a Pearl Earring


long weekend for the umpteenth time

In Singapore, a long weekend is precious.  This means you have a lot of time to spend with friends and acquaintances, usually fellow Filipinos in SG or even outside SG. Aug 8, thursday, was a holiday because of the celebration of Hari Raya  and Aug 9, friday, because of the national day. We went to Tioman again (I have a post here). We stayed at the same resort and contacted the same person. This was quite special as this was the first time Agie, our cousin who is also based in Singapore would be joining us.

From Mersing in Malaysia, we took a 2 hr ferry ride going to Tioman and from the jetty, we were fetched by a 4x4 pickup going to Juara Mutiara resort. We were a big group so we needed 2 pickups to service us.

We reached the place at around 5 in the afternoon. As soon as we got there, the guys pitched their tents, others played volleyball (that included me!), while others couldn't resist the sea (that also included me at the later part).

In the evening after dinner, we had a drinking slash kwentuhan session. I slept at 5am. :)

Friday: Bads woke us up early (around 8am) to prepare for the island hopping. I was still sleepy and probably drunk hehehe but we managed to make it on time for the island hopping and snorkeling.

When we went back to the resort I felt so tired and sleepy. I took a nap (not sure if it was politically correct as they informed me later that I was snoring hahaha!), the boys went out to explore the island and the waterfalls and the rest of the girls had a nice bonding. 

After dinner, a drinking session was set again but I decided to sleep early. We would go back to singapore the next day.

Although there were some stressful moments, this getaway was a nice and relaxing one. Plus I met new people, had more pictures and added new friends on my list :)



Three months

Okay, it's 12 am and for some weird reason, I felt the urge to update my blog. My last post was in April and I'm pretty sure a lot had happened since then. Let me go through the details.

April 2013: This was the time when concentration was impossible. Aside from being hung-over from our trip to Cameron highlands, the three of us sisters were busy calling, e-mailing, and texting each other about the materials Tatay would use for the election campaign. Yes, we ran for a post and I will tell you the details later. I also made my own gwiyomi video(!) and that should only be seen by family members for a very simple reason: "Respect is earned"! Hahahaha!

This was also the time when I was saddened by the Boston bombing, and moved by the movie Life of Pi.

Bads', Agie's and mine while watching The Life of Pi

This was also the time when ate Lala celebrated her birthday and my alma mater, USTe, its foundation day.

May 2013: 

It was a celebration of good life with friends, family, and the people who never left us during the time when we needed them. Markado sila. Nakatatak. Hindi malilimutan. :)

June 2013:

Tatay and Yuan were here.  Time to relax! :)

July 2013:

Chicosci was here!

This was when I decided to live healthy and tried zumba.

The first and last :'(


cameron highlands - holy week

We spent good friday, black saturday and easter sunday in this place!

"Cameron Highlands is the smallest district in the state of Pahang which is located in the north-western corner of the state. One of the wonders of Malaysia, it is the largest and most famous hill resort in the country. This highland paradise still retains much of the charm of an English village."


photo courtesy of


pulau pangkor on chinese new year

One of the nice things growing up in the province is that there's a certain bond that ties the people together. Like when you go to other place and you see your kababayan, feeling mo magkakapatid kayo. Especially when you're from Sablayan, everytime we go somewhere, we would ask "Sinong taga-Sablayan ang nandun?" and we would do everything to contact them and meet them for a short dinner or kahit magkita lang.

As soon as we learned that monday and tues of Chinese New Year were holiday, we planned to go out of the country since it's a long weekend. Bads' friends would climb Mt. Korbu and Gayong in Malaysia and we planned to go to pulau pangkor, an island in Perak, Malaysia.

Then after a few calls and messages, we learned that there are Sablayenos near that place. "May mga mangyan din po dito", said Joseph, a batch lower than me in high school. We call ourselves mangyan, a tribe in Mindoro, as natives of that province. 

Let me express my gratitude to them for the warm welcome at sa matinding pag-asikaso sa aming  magkapatid during that short visit. And let me share what happened.

We left Singapore at around 10pm. The group rented a bus going to Ipoh Malaysia where the climbers would meet the guides and where we would meet our cousin, Rosemarie. We arrived in Ipoh around 11am. Rosemarie treated us for lunch and bought us bus tickets for a 1 and a half hour ride going to Sitiawan where we would meet Joseph and Julius, Bads' classmate in highschool. From there, a ferry would take us to pulau pangkor, our destination. It was only a ten-minute ferry ride. As in exactly 10 minutes.

We were met by pink cabs upon arrival.

After an hour or two of rest, we decided to explore the place. What's nice about this island is you can rent a car, or a scooter for a day and you have the leisure of exploring the island wherever you want to go without having to worry about the time. We did not even realize it was already time for dinner until I heard my stomach grumbling. Hehehe just kidding! There was a place in this island which felt very much like bora slash baywalk slash dampa. The seafood was waving at me. How could you resist that?

After dinner, we explored some more. And at around 11 am we decided to stay in the hotel. We were expecting the firecrackers and the fireworks anytime soon. It was the eve of Chinese new year.

Not so many minutes after we reached the hotel, the fireworks started. This was my instagram post about it.

Fireworks right outside my window.

We had to sleep early to prepare for the next day's itinerary. Snorkeling! The plan was to wake up at 6am. We had to be there at 7 so it would not be too sunny and we could still enjoy the high tide. We happened to wake up at 8am. When we reached the beach, it was low tide and the guy who was supposed to  take us  to the snorkeling area told us it's not worth it. We were advised to come back at 1pm. So we decided to just roam around the island again, go to the souvenir shops, see sights and visit some other place. By that time I was already wearing my rash guard. So going to temples on a very humid and sunny morning was the last thing I would do. So the souvenir shops came to the rescue. I bought a shirt just so not to look weird. 

We went to the temple and had our pictures taken. Main attraction here was the ironic little great wall of china :)

Joseph channeling Goliath

The  rented car which brought us to so many places :)

I didn't give my two thumbs up for the snorkeling experience. Coming from an island which has a very amazing underwater view, di ako masyadong na please. I could see more sea cucumber than fish underwater. 

Then the jetski! 

After this tiring day, we had a relaxing one hour whole body massage. We were so tired, so puyat then got so relaxed after the massage.

The 3rd day was also our last day in the island. We had to go back to the town proper. Julius invited us for breakfast. The breakfast turned out to be a dinner due to misunderstanding and miscommunicaton hahaha! Joseph did not bring his charger so Julius' message that breakfast would be cancelled did not reach us. Boo! We were so hungry we ate at a nearby cafeteria.

It's time for us to go back to Ipoh where Rosemarie booked us in a hotel for an overnight stay. Before leaving, as Julius did not want us to leave without us trying his recipe, he prepared an early dinner. Lechong kawali, mongo, bagoong, chicken, longganisa etc. While waiting for the food, we spent the day singing and making kwento. Kwentuhan about the past and kwentuhan with the new found friends :)

Analiza, Bads, Julius, Jefferson, Myself and Joseph

Fast forward to Ipoh, we met with the rest of the guys at the same area where Rosemarie fetched us. The bundokeros brought home their new experience to climb the second highest mountain in peninsular Malaysia while we brought the memories of good friends, wonderful people, nice place and a whole new experience back to Singapore.