Legoland 2013

I told myself never to go (again) to an amusement park which has just opened recently as based on experience, there's still more to be developed and it's like an experiment for the first two years or so.  My trip to Hong Kong in 2007 has taught me a lot of lessons. It was a package trip and there's an option to spend your day either at the Ocean Park or Disneyland. I remember our tour guide strongly suggested Ocean park. She said it's already established and it's been operating for a long time already compared to Disneyland which has just opened a year ago. She said it was still half done. Some older tourists, maybe they knew better that time, chose the Ocean park. But hey, it's THE Disneyland! It's one of the reasons why I wanted to go to HK.  So pinilit ko. I chose Disneyland over Ocean Park.

It was not that bad. It was a verrrry nice and surreal experience. Pero ok nga lang din na di pa sya tapos masyado, kasi I was there for half a day only. Just enjoyed some rides, then the disney parade and the ever famous disneyland fireworks. Pero na-prove ko na di pala talaga advisable pumunta pag di pa tapos.

Pero it happened again! Ate Lala won a ticket for 4 to Manila Ocean Park. That time MOP just opened several months ago. Since tickets were free, we went. Of course kulang na kulang and I could hear people saying "Hindi pa tapos". If the tickets were not free, it would be a verrrry big disappointment. Buti na lang.

Then it seemed like we never learned our lesson. In 2011, when the Universal Studios Singapore opened, we got so excited that it was the first destination in our itinerary. What would you expect? Of course marami pang kulang. Mas marami pang sign na "soon to open" than "welcome". We just enjoyed having our pictures taken beside Frankenstein or Shrek and the big Universal studio landmark at the entrance.

And here we go again. Welcome 2013. Legoland Malaysia has just opened. We decided to go. I know, we knew it was still "half cooked". We knew there was still a lot to be developed, to be improved, to be added. Matigas ang ulo namin. Hahaha. But good thing, we already managed our expectations kaya di na kami na-disappoint sa mga kulang at "soon to open" signages.

But our experience here was very different. Ibang Yuan na ang kasama namin. Di na ang batang Yuan na ayaw namin pasakayin sa mga rides dati kasi masyado pang bata. Yuan is a big boy now. We tried almost all the rides. From the dragon apprentice to the "real" dragon to the Project X ride. Yes, may kasama na ako lagi. Ate Lala and Bads don't really fancy these kind of rides. So now may partner na ako :)

Please enjoy Legoland thru some of our photos.


 All these are made of lego bricks!


weekend before 2013 @ indonesia

Bintan Agro Beach Resort
December 29-30, 2012

Getting there
The place
Pool. Spa. Calesa. Souvenir shop.
Our room and the view from the room.

There's a lot to be done but we were running out of time so we maximized  the remaining hours left and chose the most extreme (based on Yuan's standard) activities. He would later realize that these were just minor after trying some of the "extreme-est' rides in Legoland (which I will be posting soon).