Three months

Okay, it's 12 am and for some weird reason, I felt the urge to update my blog. My last post was in April and I'm pretty sure a lot had happened since then. Let me go through the details.

April 2013: This was the time when concentration was impossible. Aside from being hung-over from our trip to Cameron highlands, the three of us sisters were busy calling, e-mailing, and texting each other about the materials Tatay would use for the election campaign. Yes, we ran for a post and I will tell you the details later. I also made my own gwiyomi video(!) and that should only be seen by family members for a very simple reason: "Respect is earned"! Hahahaha!

This was also the time when I was saddened by the Boston bombing, and moved by the movie Life of Pi.

Bads', Agie's and mine while watching The Life of Pi

This was also the time when ate Lala celebrated her birthday and my alma mater, USTe, its foundation day.

May 2013: 

It was a celebration of good life with friends, family, and the people who never left us during the time when we needed them. Markado sila. Nakatatak. Hindi malilimutan. :)

June 2013:

Tatay and Yuan were here.  Time to relax! :)

July 2013:

Chicosci was here!

This was when I decided to live healthy and tried zumba.

The first and last :'(