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They say do something special on your birthday. Others say do something that makes you happy. I did something special that never fails to make me feel happy. 

So this is how I celebrated my birthday. 😊


beautiful, beautiful creatures

"I just wanna talk to you, about a word we don't hear much anymore. Sacrifice. It's not what I would call a modern word. People hear the word sacrifice, and they become afraid that something will be taken away from them or that they will have to give up something they couldn't live without. Sacrifice, to them, means loss in a world telling us we could have it all. But I believe true sacrifice is a victory. That's because it requires free will to give up something for someone you love, or something or someone you love more than yourself. I won't lie to you. It's a gamble. Sacrifice wont take away pain and loss, but it wins the battle against bitterness, the bitterness that dims the light on all of the true value in our lives."


my favorite bible verse

Always remember that God is in control of everything. He wants you to enjoy life and not fret about the future. Worrying means you do not trust Him. Weird thing is, it took me decades to realize this. Learning things the hard way. But as I always say, never regret anything that makes you smile. Everything happens for a reason. Cliche but true. People come to our life for a reason...and they leave for a better reason. Never question God's plan. Just be grateful. Live, learn, let go, laugh at the confusion, put all your worries inside a box and throw the box away. :)

God is in control.


Beautiful Bali

The most unplanned trip is the one which is most likely to materialize.

I had this random whatsapp convo with my cousin Agie then suddenly Bali trip came out of nowhere. In short, nagkayayaan lang. Since her schedule was not fixed, she had to request for a 3-day off. The request was pending when she told me that it was unlikely to be approved. That was when I decided to go back to Manila for 2 and half days.

Of course Manila is *heart*. I was able to attend Yuan’s confirmation, and met with a few good friends (yes, in that short period of time I was able to do a lot!). Again, this was unplanned. When I was in Tagaytay to relax, detoxify and feel the cold mountain breeze, I received a message from Agie to break the good news. Her tone was the most excited I have ever heard. Her request was approved!

So I went back to Singapore Monday morning. Friday of that week, we would go to Bali. *drum rolls* LOL

Our flight was on Friday, 6:05 pm. To make the long story short, we were late! The gate was supposed to close 15 mins before the flight. It was already 6pm and we were still at the immigration. The possible consequences suddenly flashed into my mind. Worst case scenario, we forfeit the flight and we would never have any chance of travelling to Bali on that day. I was literally running! I swear I didn’t see anyone while I was running. My mind was focused on making it to gate 56 (or was it 36?) on time. Very amazing race!

Oh well it was just the first day. We didn’t know that there would be a series of unfortunate events on our 3day trip. But tell you about it later. Good news muna.

The Bali airport was not bad. I mean it was nice! We booked a cab from the airport to the hotel. The driver was nice, tried to be friendly. He tried to tell us the history of Indonesia and the Philippines, why according to him, we all look the same. "Ok ok uncle we already know that" but of course we humored him. Never did we know that he would ask for an extra charge when we reached the hotel.

So it was just fine. 30,000 rupiah won’t hurt.

The hotel was so nice! From the friendliest staff, to the location, to the amenities, to food, this hotel is a winner!

We checked in at Harper Kuta hotel, found a very nice deal from Agoda.

Our first night was crazy. After we settled at the hotel, we changed to our party clothes and went out! First stop was the Ground Zero Monument of the 2002 Bali Bombing Memorial. I offered a short prayer, took photos and walked along Kuta street to look for a nice place to have our first Bali dinner.

We stopped at the Legian Café. There was a band, the place was quite cool. Had pizza, spring rolls, and a bottle of Smirnoff. They were about to close when we asked for our bill.

Everyone in this place was happy… random cute guys asking for a free cuddle in the streets! Hahaha! I felt like a teenage babe. Lol. So we went inside the Sky garden – very nice, huge dancefloor, good DJs, nice crowd. We partied all night! We went home around 3am and targeted to see the sunrise in the morning, which was impossible as we were both tired and quite tipsy.

Our first day was very tiring. We woke up at around 6:30am. Saw our driver already waiting at the lobby but we still needed to take breakfast at the hotel (buffet bfast was included in the package). He waited and we ate as fast as we could.

First stop was the ever famous Ubud Batik Center. It is true that there’s a lot of underrated talented people in Asia. They showed us the step by step procedure on how to make batik, and also how to do some weaving. They are really genius!

Next stop was the Arts and painting. We met an artist while doing one of his masterpieces, and disturbed him for a while for a photo op. His works were really awesome and I fell in love with one of the paintings. I fell madly in love that I couldn’t leave the place without it with me. Lol. They told me the price, I haggled, after a few hours, I got it! How cool is it when the first painting investment is from the beautiful island of Bali?

Then we got hungry (as always). Since we rented our own car, we could choose the places that we
 wanted to visit. We told manong that we wanted to eat at the place overlooking the rice terrace. I have researched for nice places to eat and this one got the most positive reviews. And so we went…

Our next stop was the Royal Family Temple.

Then the monkey forest.

Then we traveled for 2 hours to go to the water temple, Pura Ulun Danu Bratan. A very solemn place, very few tourists, and a very relaxing view can be found here.

Then we decided to view the sunset at the Tanah Lot temple. We were quite late. When we got there, everyone was leaving the place. We tried our luck and took some photos. We failed. The pictures were dark and no filter could make it look nicer.

One funny thing about this trip is when the locals would strangely look at us. Maybe they were thinking we were also locals but we behaved different from the rest. I mean we were not loud or anything but we dressed differently, and never spoke their language. One time when we were taking our selfies, there was a group of young boys watching us. I thought they were waiting for us to finish so they could use the background. But when we were done, they didn’t even bother to pose. Instead, they approached us and asked if they could have a photo with Agie! Lol. And Agie became an instant celebrity!

It was around 8 pm. We headed back to the hotel to refresh. We would not let this night pass without partying… again!

We were tired but young. We showered and went out. This time tried other bars. After walking far, we U-turned and went Vi Ai Pi bar. Coming from the Philippines, where even the shyest person can sing very well, we did not really enjoy the performance of the band playing. It was more of a rehearsal to me.

After eating we headed upstairs, to try their V bar. This was a smaller, less crowded and less energized place. Or was it because it was early and the people were still sober? We just stayed there for a couple hours and left. I don’t know but we felt sooo tired we just decided to stay at the hotel poolside. One staff was so nice to join us and introduce Bali thru his stories. Surprisingly it did not bore us. Hahaha. At around past 2, we decided to call it a night as again, we planned to see the sunrise in the morning. And of course we failed again.

Second day was more adventurous. Water rafting!

Then we visited the Uluwatu temple. Manong cautioned us of the monkeys here. He said they were aggressive. And true enough, we saw a woman being chased by a monkey trying to grab her havs. She was screaming and running but the monkey was successful. She had to give it a banana to give back her slippers. Very frightening!
The view was superb!

Our favorite thing to do… eat! It was dinner time and manong took us to Jimbaran beach. It was a long stretch of white sand beach. Seafood dinner was served while the sun set. It would have been a very romantic scene for lovers.

We went back to the hotel to refresh. We decided to go to Hard Rock Bali instead of the bars along Kuta street. We had to take a cab to go there. They closed at 1am, which was good for us as we had to have our stuff ready for the checkout from the hotel the next day. Para di kami masyadong puyat.

So our last day was all about beach! The beach was a 15-min walk from our hotel. The place was very nice. It was not very commercialized as compared to Boracay. The waves are huge perfect for surfers.

On our way to the shore, we passed by a group of tourists undergoing surfing lessons. One, who looked like a Japanese guy, was on his trunks. Agie got distracted and blurted out “wow huh!”. I looked at the man’s direction and looked back at Agie when I noticed she was gone! The next thing I knew, I was laughing my heart out as I saw her tripped off. She didn’t notice the hole where she was walking. And everyone was looking at us.
So Agie gained her composure back. We found a nice place at the shore, quite distanrt from the sea so the waves could not reach us, readied our sarong, camera, kindle, etc, took off our cover up and started to take pictures. The guy who was giving surfing lesson approached Agie and asked if she was ok. Lol. Then one manong, introduced himself and asked how we were, then offered us some drinks. He said we could go to his stall if we eanted anything to drink. I just ordered beer and Agie, Smirnoff. Manong was insisting that we go to his stall but we neglected him. Aftyer a few minutes, one huuuuge wave came and washed away everything! I screamed and grabbed by bag, where my iphone, money and passports were kept. OMG! I saw 2 men running towards us to help us. I saw Agie grabbed her bag and was screaming “my phone! Where’s my phone!” After the huge wave subsided, the other guy saw her phone covered with sand and picked it up. It was soaked! The other guy picked up Agie’s Smirnoff, now empty, and said with a smile “You want to order again?” hahahaha funny. This was the series of unfortunate events I’ve been talking about.

We were supposed to check out at 12noon. When we checked the time, it was already 11:30 and we still had to walk from the beach to the hotel and take a shower and pack our stuff! We decided to go back to the hotel but realized we had yet to buy pasalubong so we dropped by at one of the shops there. It started to rain. On our way back to the hotel, we got lost and had to go back and forth to find the right way.

The access card to the hotel was already deactivated. It was already past 12 noon. I had to ask the reception to activate it again, and they gave us 1 more hour.

After we checked out, we left the luggage at the lobby and went out for a very nice Balinese hot stones massage. It was so relaxing!

At 9:00pm, we flew back to Singapore with funny memories that are worth keeping.



This is gonna be my first post in 2014. I have long abandoned my blog since October of last year. A lot has changed. After the typhoon Haiyan, I never had the energy to blog again.
One more thing, I got preoccupied.
But I think this feeling is worth blogging. 
Some things happen in a much unexpected moment. They come when you just sit around and wait for nothing. They come when you least expect them.
They come and help you stand up again, to reopen your mind, to re-strengthen your faith, and to help you believe in love… again.
They make you feel it.
They make you smile.
They make you look forward to the future just when you start to think that the future is just an imagination.
Then you wish this never ends. And you hope for forever. And then you realize once again that God is so good; that He makes all things beautiful… in His own perfect time. :)
“Pick one person, accept all the givens, and make it work” – from a cousin’s post