This is gonna be my first post in 2014. I have long abandoned my blog since October of last year. A lot has changed. After the typhoon Haiyan, I never had the energy to blog again.
One more thing, I got preoccupied.
But I think this feeling is worth blogging. 
Some things happen in a much unexpected moment. They come when you just sit around and wait for nothing. They come when you least expect them.
They come and help you stand up again, to reopen your mind, to re-strengthen your faith, and to help you believe in love… again.
They make you feel it.
They make you smile.
They make you look forward to the future just when you start to think that the future is just an imagination.
Then you wish this never ends. And you hope for forever. And then you realize once again that God is so good; that He makes all things beautiful… in His own perfect time. :)
“Pick one person, accept all the givens, and make it work” – from a cousin’s post