For the weirdest reason, I felt I needed to update this blog. It kinda made me sentimental as I browsed through the entries; some more than a decade old.

Looking back, my last post was in 2014. I have an unpublished post saved in my draft folder in 2015 entitled "To Love at All is to be Vulnerable". I'm still trying hard to remember what had gotten into me to even write about it. And I find the title cringe-worthy. Lol.

Anyways, 2015 and 2016 were both naughty and nice. 😁😁 I've grown since (literally and figuratively... no question about it). I was too busy that I almost forgot I also had a personal laptop. I was stuck with my office laptop and I almost hated turning it on, as doing so would mean letting myself be raped mentally. It's like going to a battle where you know in the end you'd raise that white flag and let them devour you, helpless.

Two birthdays and two Christmases had passed, 4 additional countries stamped on my passport, several flights to Manila, 10 effing pounds (or more), and a major haircut after several years.

In those 2 years, I can say I have learned a lot and since I am still alive, I think I've only become stronger ☺ Let me share with you a few of those realizations:

1. No matter how good and awesome you are, you can always be replaced.

2. Do not try to find the answers to all your questions. Some things are really hard to comprehend. Don't waste your energy thinking and trying to understand the things that are happening. Sure there's a reason. It's just not the right time for you know.

3. The prize of hard work is sweet. You've earned it. Savor the moment.

4. Pressure is your enemy. Peer pressure, colleague pressure, society pressure... they are all trash. Do not ever let them defeat you. Follow your instincts.

5. The pursuit of happiness is a journey. Do not focus on the destination. Enjoy your travel, and who knows, you might find it during the stops and breaks and intermissions. If the destination is the end of the journey, you might regret being too focused to reach the destination that you forgot to enjoy the ride. It might result to disillusionment. Remember the lessons from "The Alchemist" and "Hope for the Flowers".

I feel I'm wiser in 2017 than before. I'm ready to kick arse. I hope this year will be as good, if not better than the past years.

Here's to claiming the victory! *cheers* 🍹🍹